The Safest Portable Power Station With Wheels

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The Safest Portable Power Station

SUNGZU power station is the safest and the most powerful you ever need. This portable power station generates and stores power inenvironment friendly,it is designed for emergency, off grid using, camping etc., and it is convenient and easy to carry. The body is built with strong aluminum alloy, double heat dissipation systems and BMS/battery management system to ensure the safety.

Your Powerful Companion

SUNGZU portable power station is suitable both indoors and outdoors. For indoor usage, you could use it to power up your microwave, juicer, air conditioneror fridge even when there is power shortage at home, especially in hurricane days. It comes with 3 AC electronic equipment output ports. It can easily power microwave, grill or other high power device.

Safety at Its Best

We use LiFeCoPO4 battery pack which is safer and 4 times cycle life compare with other lithium battery in the market.   At the AC power management system, we design a 1mm interval at each battery cell so the heat dissipation is better.

Practical and Convenient

We design SUNGZU portable power station to be convenient, practical and professional for all users. The retractable handle with 4  wheels and 2 wheels with locks lets you carry it easily on ground or mountain.

Charger 10 Devices Simultaneously

Your On-the-go Power Station

SUNGZU has a capacity of 2500Wh. Going on the road trip with your TESLA? Bring Sungzu along to use it as your emergency backup. TESLA full charge by Sungzu could last you another 12.4 miles.

Outdoor Power Supply-Solar Panels

Need extra power when camping outdoors? We have added an environmentally friendly solution for you to power your portable power station. The 500W solar panel output port can fully charge Sungzu with only 6H when the sun is sufficient.

Unique Air Switch

It has short-circuit protection, automatically shuts down to protect the power station, and has a cover design to prevent rain and dust.

Aluminum alloy+ABS Plastic Body

SUNGZU’s shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy 5mm thickness. It can bear tons pressure with no deform. Effective waterproof, fireproof, impact resistance and strong heat dissipation.

Solar Panel and AC Adaptor Input Port

Handle and Telescopic Rod

4 Universal Wheels with Two Brakes


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Shenzhen SUNGZU Elite Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. Since its establishment, the company has focused on green power product research and development, along with innovation. The company has continuously improved its business operations and competitiveness with more than 112 product model utility patents and appearance patents.

All products have obtained CE\FCC\ROHS\PSE\MSDS\UN38.3 and other related certifications. We pay attention to every detail from inspection to finished products. We place priority on production quality and good customer experience.